Media Appearances and Press Coverage

Radio and Podcasts

Deliciously Ella Podcast (21/07/2020). The Flaws of Perfectionism. Recording available

Women’s Health Going For Goal Podcast (27/02/2020). How to Quit Perfectionism and Why its Holding You Back. Recording available

Life After the Letters Podcast (28/10/2019). Dr Thomas Curran on Perfectionism and The Need For Authenticity. Recording available

TED Radio Hour (20/09/2019). Thomas Curran: How Can We Teach Kids To Accept Imperfection?. Recording available

BBC Radio 4 Today Program (02/01/2018). Invited guest to discuss my research on rising perfectionism. Recording available

BBC World Service (02/01/2018). Invited guest to discuss my research on rising perfectionism. Recording available

Global News Radio 640 Toronto (05/01/2018). Invited guest on to discuss my research on rising perfectionism. Recording available

LBC James O’Brien (03/01/2018). Guest on show, which featured my research on rising perfectionism. Recording available

BBC Radio Bristol (02/01/2018). Invited guest on to discuss my research on rising perfectionism. Recording available

The New Scientist (21/01/2020, online and in print). The misunderstood personality trait that is causing anxiety and stress. Avaliable

The New York Times (24/11/2018, online). Everything Is for Sale Now. Even Us. Available

The Guardian (21/11/2018, online). Triathlons, ultramarathons and ambitious baking: why is modern leisure so competitive? Available

The Atlantic (05/11/2018, online). The Problem With Being Perfect. Available

The Wall Street Journal (01/09/2018, online and in print). The Perils of the Child Perfectionist. Available

The Guardian (17/07/2018, online and in print page 32). The intolerable rise of perfectionism. Available

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC; 23/02/2018, online). The dangerous downsides of perfectionism. Available

The Toronto Star (30/01/2018, online). Teens under pressure to be perfect now more than ever. Available

The New York Times (19/01/2018, online). More College Students Seem to Be Majoring in Perfectionism. Available

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC; 13/01/2018, online). Perfectionism is on the rise — and that’s not good news. Available

Cable News Network (CNN; 09/01/2018, online). The modern problem with pursuing perfection. Available

The Financial Times (06/01/2018, online and 07/01/2018, in print page 20). Allow the young to embrace an imperfect new year. Available

The Daily Telegraph (03/01/2018, online and 04/01/2018, in print page 20). What’s behind this crippling plague of perfectionism? Available

The Guardian (05/01/2018, online). Perfectionism is destroying the mental health of my millennial generation. Available

Fortune Magazine (04/01/2018, online). Millennials Are Killing Yet Another Thing: Being Imperfect. And It’s Not a Good Thing. Available

National Post (04/01/2018, online). Students are feeling more pressure than ever to be perfectionists — and social media may be to blame. Available

USA Today (04/01/2018, online). Millennials strive for perfectionism more than past generations, study says. Available

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS; 04/01/20185, online and on screen). The hidden epidemic of perfectionism in millennials. Available

New York Magazine (03/01/2018). Millennials Are the Perfectionist Generation. Available

The New York Post (03/01/2018, online and in print). Millennials are total perfectionists, scientists say. Available

The Independent (01/09/2015, in print page 5). Perfectionists being driven to burnout.

The Daily Telegraph (01/09/2015, in print page 3). Perfectionists are less likely to succeed.

The Scotsman (01/09/2015, in print page 15). Why you should stop sriving for perfection.

The Times (01/09/2015, online). Relax, everyone: perfectionism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Available

New Zealand Herald (01/09/2015, online). Are you a perfectionist in the office? Beware of burning out. Available